We will help you find your voice.


We are a community-based initiative, based in Edmonton, Alberta, founded and run by women, for women. Our goal is to empower young females, including mothers, who are at-risk, in conflict with the youth criminal justice system, or involved with Child and Family Services. We provide support for young females by offering education on positive choices, access to essential services, and support in navigating the complex legal system. We give young women the opportunity to create their own plan that addresses their situation and works towards a stable family life.

Our Programs

Are you a young female with or without children and/or currently pregnant? Are you facing a youth criminal charge or involved with a Child and Family Services?

We want to help you become a part of the process instead of subject to it. You deserve a voice in decisions that affect you and your child. Learn about how we can support you through our Programs.

Volunteer with Us

Are you a female in the Edmonton area and passionate about helping other females? Young females and young mothers are one of the most vulnerable clients within the child protection and youth criminal justice systems. In volunteering with Just-Us Girls, you have the opportunity to provide support to those who need it most.