Sometimes it can feel like we don’t have any control over life and choices are just made for us.

Just-Us Girls wants to give you a chance to make decisions for you and your family.

Our Programs are tailored to give you a safe space to talk about your life with a group of young females from the community that can offer support, guidance, and resources. As a young female and/or mother, you have many choices about lifestyle (and parenting) that can result in different outcomes. We want to give you the opportunity to create your own plan for you and your family. 

Our Process

Commit to program.

Whether you are referred or contact us yourself, it is your decision to participate or not.

Create a plan at a sharing circle.

We help you find your own voice and create a plan that addresses any concerns and works towards the life you want to live.

Keep in touch with your Just-Us Girls mentor.

She will be your support person through this process and afterwards.

Take part in sharing circle.

The sharing circle is a safe place to speak and be heard. You need to be prepared to discuss your life and circumstances. We can provide unbiased support.

Work on your plan.

Just-Us Girls Plans are broken down into small, achievable goals. Work on your plan step-by-step with the guidance of your mentor and the support of Just-Us Girls.

Child & Family Services Program

This Program helps young females involved with or at risk of being involved with child protection and/or young females who are subject to a Child and Family Services application before the Edmonton Provincial Courts.

Choices Program

This program helps you identify choices that are high risk, the potential consequences of making the decisions, and the possible alternatives to avoid risky behaviour when faced with the opportunity.

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Not sure what program is right for you?

This program helps young females with or without children who are charged with a youth crime.