Choices Program

Are you:

Just-Us Girls can help you:


You will have a Just-Us Girls mentor to support you when you need someone to talk to. You may want to connect over email, phone calls, or going out for coffee. She is there for you to support you.


 We want you to maintain your well-being and family. Your involvement is completely voluntary. Take an active role in your life and your decisions.


  1. Referral: Get referred to us by the agency you are connected with or contact us yourself.

  2. Introductory Meeting: Meet with us to determine if you want to participate in a sharing circle,
    as Just-Us Girls is a voluntary process.

  3. Sharing Circle: Sit down with 3 Just-Us Girls volunteers (senior chairperson,
    facilitator, and mentor) and complete a Choices Plan where we will:

    • Assist you to understand the possible risks of making certain choices
      when parenting;

    • Explore creative solutions, based on lessons of personal or parental safety as well as
      boundaries, and outline them in your Choices’ Plan;

    • Help you to identify a list of alternative caregivers, should you make the choice; and

    • Identify what is both lawful and safe.

  4. Mentorship: Our mentors will work with you towards making positive choices.