Dealing with Youth Criminal Court

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Just-Us Girls can offer

Your guardian will be consulted before you begin the program. Your guardian can accompany you to your sharing circle but ultimately it is your decision if you want your guardian there or not.



  1. Referral: Get referred to us by the agency, by your lawyer, or through the Court, or contact us yourself.

  2. Introductory Meeting: Meet with us to discuss the Just-Us Girls' process.

  3. Sharing Circle: Sit down with 3 Just-Us Girls volunteers (senior chairperson,
    facilitator, and mentor) and complete a plan for reparation of harm to present to the Judge.

  4. Mentorship: Your mentor will work with you towards completing your plan.


Plan for reparation of harm

You will join 3 members of Just-Us Girls at a sharing circle. At the sharing circle you will discuss yourself, your actions, and your family. 

A large part of the sharing circle will be creating a plan that allows you to take responsibility for your actions and provide ways for you to repair the harm caused. Your sharing circle will help you form a plan with concrete, achievable, and consensual actions that you will take in order to reach your goals in repairing any harm caused by the offence and in regards to your family situation.

Creating a plan with small, concrete and achievable actions will help show the Judge that you are taking the situation seriously and can provide them with measurable results.

Court appearance after your sharing circle

After you meet with your sharing circle and create a plan, Just-Us Girls will send a report of the plan and goals to you, your lawyer (if you have one) and the Crown Prosecutor or Probation Officer.

A representative from Just-Us Girls may come with you to this appearance to answer any questions the Judge might have as well as offer you support.


You will have a Just-Us Girls mentor to support you when you need someone to talk to. You may want to connect over email, phone calls, or going out for coffee. She is there for you to support you through the process and aide you in the successful completion of your plan.


Ultimately the presiding Judge has the right to take all, none or some of the Just-Us Girls recommendations into account when making their decision.